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I tend to like the more simple rifle slings. This is one that I will be running for the next few weeks, quick release snap shackle and 1 1/4″ wide webbing for maximum comfort with minimal weight.

The Race Sling

$25.00 plus shipping


For the lovers of the single point bungee slings, I have you covered. For the most past all metal hardware except for the side release buckles. Basic sling comes with HK clips but I stock round spring eye clips, MASH clips and the quick release snap shackles. Or I can do a quieter version to attach to your QD sling.

Colors: black , OD, and coyote

Price 30.00 plus shipping


Single point one shoulder bungee sling

For the past few weeks I have been testing my take on the single point single sided bungee sling. Mine intergrates into the rear MOLLE on your plate carrier or vest which distributes the weight of the weapon to a barely noticable point. The slings position allow quick transition from strong to weak sided shooting. Makes an excellent addition to ones kit. Constructed of very tough milspec tubular webbing and milspec 17337.  The sling is easly removed from the vest by the way of a one inch side release buckle. Comes standard with a HK clip but I can do other attachments to fulfill you needs.

Available in  Black, Coyote, and OD

$25.00 plus shipping



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