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  With all of my K-9 items, I donate a portion of each item to Operation Baghdad Pups

Tactical Dog Collar

  These are some collars I started doing upon request for a dog handler who wanted a matching collar for their dog. Constructed of a total of three layers of mil spec 17337 webbing, sewn with #69 thread, with both a welded metal “D” ring and a forged one inch “V” ring, and  one inch side release buckle. Covered in loop velcro so man’s best friend can have a name tape also.

Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Marpat Brown, OD green, Foliage Green, and Ranger Green. Some color variations with the plastic and metal  hardware.

Price:$18.00 plus shipping ($3.00 for USPS First Class mail) 





Convertible Bungee Dog Leash

 So I have done a variety of collars using a variety of buckles and in different sizes. But I am currently testing a new leash that I made for my dog. It is meant to fill the void for both a short leash and a long leash. Too long and the dog gets caught up in stuff while walking down the sidewalk and too short and the dog can’t enjoy the walk or do its job.

 The bungee section expands to a little over 9 ft. When you need the dog up close you can just reclip the HK clip and the leash is a little over 3 ft long.

 The handle loop is made of a 1 1/4″ wide rifle sling webbing and inside the leash handle there is a carabiner clip in loop.

Colors: Black, OD, and Coyote Brown Photobucket



The 1.5 wide tactical dog collar

        In the past I have made many one inch tactical dog collars, I recently had a customer place an order for a dog with a big neck so I thought it would be in the dog best interest if I made a 1.5 inch wide collar using a curved side release buckle , both a one inch Vring and a one inch welded D ring. To keep the heavy Vring out of  the dog, I use elastic loop to keep the Vring out of the way. And ofcourse it has velcro to secure the dogs name tape, as an option I can cover the collar with 1.5 velcro incase your dog needs space for a moral patch.

Size range of 3 inches

Color choices in Black, Foliage Green, Ranger Green, OD Green or Coyote

Price:20.00 plus shipping and as with all of my K-9 items I donate a portion to SPCA Operation Baghdad Pups







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