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WAIT OR TURN AROUND TIME: 6 weeks or less , so please dont email and ask me if the wait time is the wait time is 6 weeks or less, for some reason people love to ask this question. Once the order is placed there isnt any reason to email me weekly with progress updates, it isnt like we are building a restored car that takes years. The sewn good generally dont take that long to build. The wait time is caused by order volume, and i try and complete your item in less time but emergency orders/deployment orders occur, supply shipments are sometimes delayed so by saying 6 weeks or less it allows me the flexibility  to  handle things and concentrate on quality. No one wants a faster turnaround than me but quality, custom sewn items take time. Once your order is complete, i update paypal with the tracking number so no reason to ask for it in email when they go out automatically. To ensure problem free purchasing please make sure the shipping address listed on your paypal account is correct, I cant ship to another address per paypal policy,this is a costly mistake that has become too common.


I generally use Paypal so you can pay with your existing paypal account or you can pay by credit card through paypal.

Ordering is very simple email me at what you would like to order

For belts I need to know:

What width? 1.5 or 1.75, if you dont see a width listed , i most likely dont have it.

What color webbing ?

What color buckle?

The measurement?  It is an absolute must for you to follow the sizing instructions listed below.

And any special request.

And shipping address

Transaction Invoicing- After I receive the order from you , I will send you a invoice, it is the customers responsibility to review and proof the invoice to make sure the details are correct, because the invoice is what I use to build your belt. If there is a detail that is incorrect, let me know so I can make changes BEFORE you pay it.

How to measure / SIZING

Please follow these instructions to the letter for the best fit, and minimal turnaround. Think of this as ordering a custom suit , you wouldn’t quess when sizing an expensive suit. 

Measure yourself with a fabric tape measure, feed the tape measure your the belt loops of your pants, while you are wearing your pants, hold them at the normal level you wear them, and give me that number. If you it measures on an odd number or a half, give that to me.

Do not pull the tape measure tight to get a smaller number if you do your belt will be that size, too tight. If you move the tape measure higher to get a lower number then again your belt won’t fit. Pull the tape measure as tight you wear a normal belt.

If you contact me about the order please include the invoice number, with over 100 orders at a time on the books, I can’t remember your order and it helps speed up communication.


-Are the belts adjustable? yes, I normally build in 4 inches of adjustment – 2 inches up and 2 inches down, this is usually enough to cover slight weight changes and the added girth of a IWB holster.


If you are leaving on a deployment, or have a class or a match , just let me know so I can do my best to get it out to you ASAP, if I can. For pre-deployment gear I will do my best to get it out the next day I am home, I will try atleast.

-Shipping I generally ship USPS first class or Priority mail if you prefer a different method just let me know, extra shipping charges are the customers responibility.

-Sizing problems- what if it doesn’t fit

I will build the belt based upon the measurement you give me, if you measure incorrectly then your belt may not fit correctly. I can only be held responsible for the measurement you give me.

If you guess or , use a pants size or a belt size, it may not fit.

If you give me an incorrect measurement, and your belt requires being shipped back and forth you will be responsible for all shipping cost.

So please remember that the sizing is only as good as the measurement you supply me with, you are ordering a custom cut item.

If the sizing is my fault I will of course accept all shipping charges and I will refund you the necessary amount for me to fix the errors.

Warranty/Guarantee:  If any of my gear lets you down or you are disappointed, I will do my absolute best to resolve an issues. I will warranty any design or construction flaws in anything I make, with that said gear will and should show signs of wear, I don’t consider this to be a warranty issue though, but contact me and I will still see what can be done. Just to be clear if you scratch a cobra buckle that is normal wear, if you scratched your volvo station wagon you wouldn’t call the dealership saying its their fault. Steel hardware can rust over time, this is because it close to your skin and their is ofcourse in salt in your sweat, so surface rust on steel hardware isn’t a warranty issue, generally WD40 will resolve surface rust in a few seconds.

Custom work or modifications , there are  no returns on custom work, if it is something you dreamed up, you can’t blame it on me it doesn’t perform as you want, if you want to design gear my suggestion is to buy a sewing machine. I will generally warn people beforehand of the difficulties of designing and testing gear but some people don’t want to listen.

Special order items– if you request something that I don’t normally stock, hardware or materials, there will be a 50% down payment on your order, this is non refundable after I place the order for the your pieces. There has been a surge of people wanting special order color or hardware and then they magically disappear after I am stuck holding the items.

 thank you


Endeavor Stitch Works


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