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What I do different about my riggers belts is that I stiffen them up enough so they will support the a working load in the field. So they look like a riggers belt but wear like a gun belt. I build these with my same laminate/sewn assembly method, which makes them built to last.

I use either type 7R or type 13R webbing (US made) and for the thread I use #138 thread (heavier than the other guys), #138 thread has a 24 lb tensile strength. I do a total of 7 passes with the #138 thread to ensure a long life and strong belt for the life of the item.

I can line these with loop velcro if you need it , to work in unison with your battle belt.

Cost: $60.00 plus shipping (if you need the velcro lining it is $5.00 extra)

Color choices are the normal milspec colors for the webbing and the buckles come in black, foliage green and desert tan

This is the ultra classic Black on Black Cobra Riggers belt



This is my personal favorite, Coyote brown webbing with a Foliage Green Cobra buckle.

Cobra Rigger belt


Cobra Rigger belt


And this is a very cool combination Olive Drab webbing with a Foliage Green Cobra Buckle.





This is Navy Blue with a foliage green buckle.



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