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I moved the 1.5 wide belts to here-


 The Cobra Gun Belt (1.75″ wide)

This is a 1.75″ wide cobra gun belt, either works well for a trouser belt or an over gun belt. Made with my triple layer sewn design, stiff enough to hold a gun but comfortable enough for all day wear. Sewn with a total of 7 passes of  #138 thread (24 lb tensile strength). Built with 4 inches of adjustment so it can fit you both with or without a weapon (IWB or OWB). These are $50.00 plus shipping. Inner lining of velcro can be added for $5.00 I stock the 1.75 cobra buckles in Black, Foliage green, and a Coyote Brown. And I stock the webbing in Black (2 different types-all black and black with a yellow edge stitch), Coyote brown, Marpat brown, OD green, Foliage Green, Sewer Green(greyish OD), Dark Grey(civillian color), Navy Blue.




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