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Not currently accepting orders on these but I will be by march, I wanted to change some parts of the design.

ESW Tasker Sling Pricing

I did my best to price it competitive with other slings on the market but still allow custom ordering features so you may choose what suits your needs. Pricing

  • Base sling (non-camo)     $50.00
  • Camo sling                            +$5.00
  • Cobra buckle upgrade    +$30.00 (1″ cobra buckle on rear attachment)
  • Sewn in QD  sling                +$15.00 (rear mount only)

Base sling includes solid color sling and 1000 denier pad, milspec webbing, and front and rear connections Color options

  • Black
  • Coyote
  • OD green
  • Ranger Green
  • 3 color desert

Camo options ($5.00 over normal price)

  • Desert Digital (civillian version of AOR1)
  • Multicam

Cobra buckle upgrade ($30.00)

  • Black
  • Foliage Green
  • Desert Sand
  • Coyote Brown

Connection hardware options

  • 1″ MASH clip
  • 1″ Snap Shackle
  • 1″ HK clip
  • Round trigger snap
  • Sewn in QD mount (pics up soon) rear mount only- Add $15.00 to total price

Base sling materials used

1000 denier sling pad constructed from 1” thick and 2” wide closed cell foam pad The basic tasker sling will come with a plastic side release buckle (rated at 250 lbs) for the connection just behind the buffer tube. Webbing is either 17337 or 55301 milspec webbing (US made) The ESW Tasker Sling is a a two point padded sling that has an adjustable length forward leg that will allow you to tighten it up close to your body as if you are fast roping, or climbing ladders, it is also comfortable when standing around. It of course can be extend out for standard two point sling operations. It also converts to single point mode. For the adjustment slide, I used the same ones used on the old ALICE packs but instead of allowing the free end to flop around the adjustment slide is a closed loop so no free end flopping around. I have had a lot of guys ask for slings with all metal hardware and I did my best to address that, both on the basic model and of course on the cobra upgrade version. Ordering options will include the ability to pick what connections points you like or suits your missions needs or desires. Any special color request I will do my best to see what I can do. I am going to begin accepting orders today for 10 slings and future orders will be updated, build time from payment to shipment will be between 4-6 weeks. I will do my best to get them out quicker but I still have a pretty heavy load of belt orders I want to get handled.


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